Welcome to MGRA’s US Desk.

The United States are Portugal’s biggest extra European Client. On the other hand more and more North American companies, investors and financial entities are looking into Portugal, African and especially into Portuguese speaking countries, and South America to invest.
These are the main reasons that have led to MGRA’s creation of the US Desk. Traditionally, MGRA provides counsel to American Clients, having over the years created a specialized team of lawyers, consulters and technicians from the most important economical and legal practice areas.
MGRA’s professionals are bilingual, having developed over the years a profound understanding of the similarities and contrasts of both markets. This knowledge and experience translate into the quality of the service provided by MGRA’s US Desk as it invested on the understanding of each business’ pre-requisites and specificities.
MGRA US Desk traditionally acts in the Corporate, Tax, Real Estate, Government, European, Intellectual Property, Commerce, Infrastructures, among other legal practices. This experience, knowledge and dedication reflects itself on the support and advice to Clients’ coming from the most diverse industries such as: Banking & Insurance, Oil & Gas, Life/Health Sciences, Agriculture, Commerce & Consumer, Sports, Energy & Natural Resources, Real Estate & Construction, Industries, Private Investment, TMT, Transport, Tourism & Hospitality, etc.

Contact your MGRA US Desk, we are at your service.

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