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Under this strategic belief, MGRA is not the stereotypical Law Firm- focused only on the number of chargeable hours per day. Our daily goal is to make sure that our Client is benefiting from first class services. At MGRA we seek full Client satisfaction, with our daily work and service.
Thus, as a law firm, we pledge to provide you additional services that go beyond the specific service contracted and which will be offered for free.
Our value added services include:

Notifications regarding legal news and other relevant matters (click here to subscribe to our e-legal® Blawg).

  • Regular audits and requests for feedback related to our work and how we may improve our services
  • Visits to your offices in order to understand better your needs and goals
  • Meetings with your intern team to assure that MGRA is fulfilling its duties regarding service quality, responsiveness, communication and accessibility
  • Monthly bulletin about legal news and updates
  • Specific and personal briefings focused on each Client, regarding questions or important legal changes which may affect its business
  • Invitations to our seminars
  • Our offices, research facilities and libraries are available for Client’s use
  • Access to archives
  • 24h access to MGRA’s legal Library
  • Periodical agenda checklist
  • Training of the Clients’ legal team
  • Secretarial work services

Other value added services can be provided with prior agreement.

At MGRA we value your feedback. If you have any suggestion or you found a way for us to improve our service, please get in touch with us. Thank you.

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