The tax division acts transversally in MGRA’s advisement, corresponding to the needs created by the constant presence of the tax factor.

Focused, on one hand, on the day-to-day tax consulting to national and international Clients of various industries, also assumes the planning of complex and innovative tax structures to accommodate the projects of MGRA Clients, always presenting pragmatic and legally integrated solutions.
On the other hand, the tax litigation is one of the areas with biggest tradition in MGRA and is also concentrated in the Tax division. Strongly committed with the intransigent defence of its Clients rights, the Tax division acts before the tax authorities and courts in all national and EU jurisdictions.

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  • Full-service tax consultancy to companies (industry, commerce and services)
  • Full-service tax consultancy to banks, financial entities and investment funds
  • Full-service tax consultancy to private investors, public bodies and other legal entities.
  • Full-service tax consultancy to both family groups and individuals.
  • Corporate reorganizations, including M&A and split-offs
  • MBO’s, MBI’s and LBO’s
  • Short and long term foreign investment
  • Project finance
  • Securitization
  • Structured finance
  • Debt restructuring
  • Capital markets transactions
  • Debt and derivatives
  • Transfer pricing
  • Stock options and salary packages
  • Reorganization of movable and financial assets
  • Real estate transactions, including real estate reorganizations
  • Tax benefits and Madeira Free Zone
  • Pre-litigation
  • Administrative appeals
  • Reclamations
  • Revisions
  • Evaluations
  • Judicial litigation
  • Claims
  • Accessory judicial proceedings
  • Seizure procedures
  • Oppositions
  • Appeals
  • Other tax proceedings
  • Administrative defences for tax misdemeanours and fines
  • Judicial defences for tax misdemeanours and fines, including appeals
  • Administrative defences for accessory sanctions
  • Judicial defences for accessory sanctions, including appeals
  • Defence of tax crimes, including appeals
These are some of the ways we can help:

  • National & International tax planning- We develop sophisticated tailor-made tax plans, whether internationally for major corporations, or at a national level.
  • Tax transactions- MGRA develops, globally, the tax plans for mergers and acquisitions, as well as the plans for pre-spin-off and post acquisition restructuring.
  • Transfer fees- We study and plan worldwide transfer fees’ documents and previous settlements regarding prices, including the economic analysis and financial moulding.
  • Tax dispute resolutions – We solve any type of tax dispute with the tax authorities, strategically employing a great technical variety of executive dispute settlements and, whenever necessary we defend our Client’s side in any court dispute.
  • VAT and other indirect tax – We supply, nationally and internationally, VAT planning regarding the sale structures, VAT consulting in the matter of any provision of goods or services as well as in the VAT audit including controversies and disputes regarding the latter.
  • Fortune management – We provide counsel and develop, nationally and internationally, tax succession strategies, regulation, service and assistance regarding private banks, fortune administrators, fortune management professionals, high-net-worth individuals and ultra high-net-worth individuals.
  • Economic services – Our economic services develop based on our experience in the sense of effectiveness and business achievement.
  • Employment related tax – We provide advice in tax benefits, retirement tax plans and any related matter.
  • Customs tariffs – We give customs counsel connected to the evaluation and classification of products, regulation of the origin market, export control and licensing. We also represent Clients in customs’ matters, tax and litigation.

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