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MGRA’s Real Estate Department takes pride in its vast experience in multiple transactions and real estate projects. We have the knowhow to structure operations performed in this area. From acquisition to building, infrastructures, funding, licensing and warranties that may be involved.

It is also in this department where the Tourism area of MGRA is located. Namely, in what equipments and infrastructures are concerned.

Finally, the reorganisation and protection of real estate assets take up a central role, as well, in this department.

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  • Real estate transactions
  • Building contracts and real estate projects
  • Infrastructures
  • Real estate funding/financing
  • Urban planning
  • Promotion and mediation
  • Reorganisation and protection of real estate assets
  • Tourism and leisure: hotel, resorts, equipments and infrastructures
  • Real estate investment funds
  • Real estate investment vehicles
  • Disputes/Litigation
  • Sales, acquisitions and real estate trades – Property buyers and sellers benefit from our local markets’ knowledge and advice beyond the basic legal requirements.
  • Real estate funding – Both creditor and debtor trust MGRA when it comes to funding the operations, negotiating the loan portfolio, loans and participations.
  • Corporate services of assets’ management – Multinational Organisations, who possess and/or let facilities for various ends, benefit from our global approach regarding real estate administration.
  • Construction of real estate and infrastructures – We advise Clients both in the public and in the private sector in all types of building projects, including funding and licensing.
  • Real estate development, planning and soil use – We counsel our Clients in all aspects of the legislation regarding the development and planning, from beginning to end.
  • Mortgage-backed securities – We advise banks, rating agencies, sellers, emitters and subscribers in all aspects of the securitisation or commercial mortgages.
  • Investment vehicles and real estate investment funds – We advise strategic sponsors and investors on the structuring, elaboration and listing of investment vehicles. We apply all our economic, corporative, tax and real estate knowledge in the creation and management of real estate investment funds.
  • Hotels, resorts and tourisms – We help with building, developing, and managing hotels, theme parks, resorts, private residential clubs and any other touristic activity.
  • Tax planning – We advise on how to structure and plan real estate transactions.
  • Real estate disputes – MGRA provides an experienced support and advice in complex real estate disputes.

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