Throughout the years MGRA has built a team of lawyers with thorough knowledge and consolidated experience in the Labour and Social Security Law, thus providing a permanent, as well as preventive and reactive, counsel to national and international companies in all subjects regarding economic activities.

The Labour department brings together Labour and Social Security areas of Law. Traditionally, they are mandatory to the efficient management of human resources. These areas have registered a strong growth thanks to the needs created by the successive law restructurings and due to the opening of the Portuguese economy to an international wide and competitive market.

The department acts in the companies’ daily guidance of Employment and Social Security areas, in the hiring and restructuring of human resources, employment audits, salary packages and human resources’ incentive. The department also deals with detachments, benefits and pensions.

Finally, it is in this department where all the Labour and Social Security disputes are addressed, including the sanction laws in these areas.

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  • Counsel in the companies’ labour sector
  • Restructuring of the companies’ human resources
  • Labour contracts and similar (individual, collective, outsourcing, part-time, service provision, etc.)
  • Detachment, income packages and incentives (including stock options)
  • Labour Audits
  • Hygiene and safety (including work accidents)
  • Organization and fulfilment of disciplinary processes, sanctioning, termination of labour contracts (individual and collective)
  • Litigation
  • Structuring and ranking of Contributions
  • Crimes, fines and accessory sanctions
  • Pensions
  • Benefits
  • Incentives
  • Disputes

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