MGRA’s Administrative & European Law Department advises in various areas, fulfilling the needs of our Clients who relate (directly or through European regulations set nationally in specific industries) to the Portuguese government and the EU.

This department possesses an area dedicated to urban planning within which is included: planning, allotment, licensing, construction and soil. At the same time, this Department provides support throughout the Real Estate’s department projects.

The environment is another privileged department area, for the growing importance it assumes in some sensible sectors and industries.

It is also in this Department where the concessions, public works contracts, administrative audits, commercial audits and commercial litigation are focused. This is permanently coordinated with MGRA’s remaining divisions, whenever they are necessary.

European law’s area of expertise is where all the cases related to European legislation, as well as Community Funds and subsidies are dealt with.

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  • Public Procurement/Bids
  • Concessions
  • Public works contracts
  • Administrative Audits
  • Administrative litigation
  • Urban Planning
  • Civil Construction
  • Soils
  • Allotments
  • Horizontal property
  • Licensing
  • Environmental impact evaluations
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Regulatory
  • Licensing
  • European Markets
  • Competition
  • Concentrations
  • Notifications
  • European funds
  • Litigation in European Courts

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