We have a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, dedicated to the transport industry, who are able to act in several jurisdictions and who are experienced in the road, railroad, maritime and aeronautical sectors.

We support our Clients in any moment of their activity. Due to our experience and multidisciplinary vision, we support our Clients in exploring the potential benefits of a bigger connection between Transport and Infrastructures.

This industry has various aspects, according to the type of transport at hand.

In the road transport sector we are in the front line of interoperability among operators. We are also supporting the automobile industry, whether the big exporting brands, whether the small and medium sized companies supplying them.

In the railroad transport we keep up with the new network investments and the touristic conversion of the older networks.

In the maritime transport we advise the construction and development of the new waterfront and logistic infrastructures.

Finally, in the aeronautical transport we are in the front line of this cutting edge industry. We represent airline companies but also manufacturers and suppliers.

At MGRA we help mark out the rout, drawing strategies and building tailor made solutions for our Transport industry Clients.

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