This is a highly competitive industry, further still in the challenging financial climate of our time. MGRA’s and its Tourism & Hospitality team’s goal is to support our Clients in their strategically needs.

MGRA knows the touristic operation and its specificities which allow us to supply a wide range of creative and commercially focused services in matters related to ownership, exploration, planning and commercial contracts. We maintain a big interest and keep ourselves updated on the legislation of the industry so we can strategically advise our Clients on the imminent changes that may lead to any threats or opportunities.

Our Clients consist of a great range of leisure services operators, hospitality, infrastructures, camping, etc. We work in tune and proximity with the rest of MGRA’s divisions thus being able to assemble a tailor made strategies for each transaction or legal demand.

We advise some of the biggest and most prestigious hotel chains in the world regarding all legal matters. Tourism is a cutting edge industry in Portugal; with a consolidated past and a brilliant future. Allow us to be your partner.

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