The sports world is challenging, diversified, highly regulated, but above all, it is exciting. MGRA’s Sports Clients look for lawyers whose knowledge about and passion for sports can live up to the legal challenges presented to them.

We are Sports enthusiasts as our Clients are. Since the beginning we decided to take up an active role in the development of sports in Portugal, bringing our experience in all areas of Law to the matters related to sports, thus developing a professional and entrepreneurial practice in this industry.

Our Sports legal team is focused on the defense of athletes, sports executives, players, managers, clubs, sports federations, sponsors and sports events planners.

Top-level athletes must be exclusively focused on their performance. MGRA, throughout the players’ sports careers, deals with the remains aspects of their professional lives, advising on contracts negotiations, economic activities management, preparing and ensuring their future beyond Sports.

MGRA, over the years, has built a consolidated reputation in the Sports industry. Our Sports Law Team is highly motivated and multidisciplinary, having a vast experience in the provision of relevant and precise consulting, easily interpreted and implemented. The team is able to anticipate problems, managing them and achieving the maximum avail for our Clients benefit. Attentively following the recent developments and changes, our Sports Law team, based on their specific experience in sports laws and regulations, has support from the remaining practice areas at MGRA, thus providing strategic counsel to all parties involved in the sports world (in all areas, whether in daily operations, court disputes, labour contracts, tax strategy, players image rights, advertising, sponsorship, agency, etc…)

From athletes to sports agents, including clubs, sports associations, federations, Public Limited Sports Companies, leagues and syndicates, MGRA is ready to represent and advise either in Portugal or internationally. As we do, for example in Portugal, in football clubs and Public Limited Sports Companies in both the Portuguese Premier and Second Leagues.

If you wish to know how our Sports Law MGRA Lawyers can help you, please If you wish to know how our Sports Law MGRA Lawyers can help you, please get in touch with our offices.