The Oil & Gas industry has been one of MGRA key areas in the last few years due to the magnitude of this industry and MGRA’s investment in emerging markets, namely in Mozambique where our role in this industry has been revealing itself evermore important.

We advise a wide range of national and international players in the Oil & Gas industry in all phases of the development of the projects, namely:

  • Regulation Institutes
  • Large multinational companies
  • Small and medium sized enterprises in several phases of the industry (from prospecting to distribution)
  • Service providers for the Oil & Gas industry and builders/infrastructures in general
  • Oil & Gas traders
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Investors and funders
MGRA’s Oil & Gas team’s experience is wide and diversified. This practice area can count on lawyers with a profound knowledge of the industry in commercial and regulatory matters which allows them to supply objective, strategic and commercial counsel regarding these industries’ specific challenges as are partnerships, concession contracts, exploration and commercialization contracts, among others. It is due to these expertises on the reality of this important industry that allows us to combine innovative approaches to the most diverse situations. We believe that our Lawyers’ methods and MGRA’s interdepartmental culture is what set us apart from the rest.
Our experience allows us to advise in the whole Oil & Gas project’s life cycle. That includes aspects of procurement and concessions, venture markets, finance, mergers, acquisitions, licensing, specialised HR hiring as well as infrastructures and partnerships.

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