In a world where energy demand grows every year, the entities which work in the energy industry look to their Lawyers and respective law firms not as mere suppliers of legal counsel but as people with a profound know-how of the industry and who are able to present innovative solutions to the challenges they face. Between resource exploration and its protection, as well as between freedom of action and the specific regulations, MGRA’s Energy lawyers supply to our Clients an innovative and industry focused counsel, anywhere in the world.

In this ever changing industry, the development of the best solutions requires, many times, the involvement of public and private operators who we count as our partners and Clients, and to whom we provide legal counsel.

We live in an era of unprecedented demand, whether for energy production or distribution, especially in the emerging economies. This dynamics, combined with the challenges we all face regarding the climate changes, creates a series of new opportunities for alternative energy sources and new technologies.

Our Energy Clients enjoy a coordinated service which replies wholesomely to their needs, including licensing, project construction and structuring, competition, regulation, contract making, negotiation, tax arbitration and litigation, among others. MGRA understands the technical, geographical, comercial and geopolitical aspects which mold this industry, thus allowing for a great strategic value service.

In the Natural Resources industry we provide assistance and counselling in the Mining & Minerals area.

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> Identification of investment opportunities
> Due diligences on existing projects
> Contracts for planning/project development
> Projects funding/financing
> Identification of suitable partners
> Licensing procedures coordination (alongside with the client´s
teams): industrial energy production, environment management.
> JVA, Consortium and PPP setup and support to management
> Infrastructures planning and installation – including energy
> Disputes – MGRA provides an experienced support and advice in
complex disputes both towards regulators, public entities, courts, and

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