Never have farmers, agrarian entrepreneurs, landowners, producers, yeoman and other stakeholders in this field needed this much to get the best legal advice possible. The rate of change in the Law and the amount of new national and European regulations are daily getting bigger and more complex than ever before.

MGRA’s team dedicated to the Agrarian industry has years of experience in the counsel and strategic support to all the players involved in farming and further rural issues. The team is composed of experienced lawyers, ready to carry out adequate legal measures in order to protect their Client’s strategic interests.

Historically, MGRA has been helping farmers, creditors and other Clients of the agribusiness with the huge variety of contracts present in this industry.

In all matters regarding this economic activity, the team will offer its Clients a broad range of expertise and experience, namely:

  • Cooperation agreement
  • Comercial contracts
  • Food and farming Companies
  • Intellectual property (including brands)
  • Agrarian explorations
  • Agrarian production
  • Purchase and sale of estates, lands and plots
  • Contracts
  • Rural workers’ hiring
  • Real estate registration
  • Leasing
  • Agricultural Partnerships
  • Loans
  • Creation of and application to projects and grants
  • Testamentary preparation
  • Complex assets’ planning
  • Tax planning regarding income and capital gains
  • Inheritance counsel
  • Land dispute
  • Pollution and environmental law
  • Contracts, property sales and construction disputes
  • Public law and regulations
  • Animal well-being

If you wish to know how your Agrarian Law MGRA Lawyer can help you, please get in touch with our offices.