Welcome to MGRA’s China Desk.

MGRA’s China Desk was developed over the years in tune with our Clients, closely following and supporting its development, be it Chinese investors and companies with or expanding their business in Portugal, EU or Africa or companies with business or expanding into China.
MGRA’s lawyers and consulters are focused on legal aspects in various jurisdictions; providing top class services in aspects such as Tax, Corporate, Audit, Consulting, Real Estate, etc. The experience of our lawyers covers the main lines of business and interests of Chinese citizens and companies in Portugal, Europe and Africa as well as in reverse.
MGRA’s China Desk, is based in Lisbon, working in close proximity with MGRA’s internal divisions and its international network of offices, experienced in all Continents, providing and enabling key strategic knowledge to our customers.

Contact your MGRA China Desk or by phone +351 213595090. Thank you.

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