” It is a privilege to join a team like the MGRA, a team of experienced, committed and multidisciplinary professionals who welcomes us, accompanies and teaches the practical aspects in several different areas of law.

In MGRA I found a team available for clarifying doubts and sharing knowledge, promoting debate and always striving for excellence, without forgetting that all together, we work for the same purpose

The MGRA focus on our training watching us closely and encourages us to surpass ourselves every day, knowing that there are no shortcuts to success.”

“It is with great pride and satisfaction that I am able to claim that I feel like an integral part of MGRA’s team. I am still in my first year in this firm; however, it doesn’t seem premature to say that MGRA is without a doubt, the right choice to begin a Lawyer’s career.

Despite being structured and working as a large-scale firm, MGRA is able to maintain and preserve the human connections between each of its professionals. There is an enormous team spirit and mutual help among the staff of which some have been in the firm since day one. MGRA benefits from the wide experience of its Senior Lawyers who are always available and ready to teach the younger members, as is my case.

At MGRA I feel like I am striding on safe grounds and building my future in such a tricky area as law is. I know I have an experienced, dynamic and earnest team supporting me who is at the same time fun and laid back (not to be confused with slacking as everyone here has to be 100% committed and less is not permitted) and most of all familiar.”

” In the beginning of my professional career, I focused on working for a Law Firm with the following priorities: contact with different areas of practice; a strong focus on team work (which allowed to closely work and keep up with the work of senior co-workers); and that had a close proximity with Clients , forensic and corporate players.

That was exactly what I found at MGRA, reason why I can salute the last years of collaboration in the firm, in a professional and committed, yet relaxed environment.

MGRA’s solidity and huge demand associated with an enormous union of its entire staff, allows (with great drive) for a continuous progression and facing daily life’s many challenges.”

” Good mood and sharing were the values that put together the MGRA founding partners, and these are the values that characterize the law firm where I hope to work in for a long time.

To share with the MGRA lawyers’ excellency, quality and tenacity in defending the interests of those who come to us is an experience that I consider important in my training as a future attorney.

For a trainee lawyer, as for any professional, a good working environment, with the sharing of knowledge and experience of each other, combined with an attentive and personal accompaniment, is essential for his or her growth, without which it would be impossible to embrace the responsibility to grow with the MGRAs’ Viseu office.

To take part of an MGRA project like the consolidation and development of our office in Viseu, besides resulting in the return to my origins, it will let me set a close and personal contact with each Client. Taking into consideration the specifics characteristics of the region, without disregarding the overall vision, the MGRA values and strategy concerning to its projects, will allow me to grow personally and professionally.”

” In order to be a great Lawyer we must know more than Law. We must have knowledge in various areas and mainly have knowledge in life itself. This can only be achieved by a firm that values technical skill as well as people’s ethical values.

My professional Internship at MGRA has been a true asset as I have had the privilege of working with quite competent professionals who own a deep pedagogical sense and who reveal a constant concern in everyone’s human and professional training.

Being part of MGRA’s team is like following the wise man’s advice that was once given to me: “Chose a job you are passionate about and you will not have to work a single day in your life.

“ The ultimate goal of a trainee lawyer should always be learning. At MGRA that goal is fully achieved as we are able to do so with the best. A laid back, healthy, but always with maximum demand work environment helps to acquire the quality and rigor standards for our professional future.

I am lucky to be a part of this team, of this family, where I feel valued as a person and a professional and where I have all it takes to thrive in law.“