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MGRA profile is a consequence of its independence, ambition, commitment, quality, pragmatism, good mood and sharing.

Independence as, despite the alliances that we respect and promote, we act with tenacity in the exclusive interest of our Clients, rejecting all kind of public or private lobbies.
Ambition and commitment as we aim the success of our Clients and we always run the extra mile to obtain it.

Quality, guideline of our advisement, is not negotiable as it is the basis of our reputation.
Pragmatism, because we envisage the practical resolution of the cases and operations we are entrusted.

Good mood, confidence and sharing, values that united founding partners, are always present. Along with them comes the perseverance, well-being and confidence, anchors of any MGRA professional.

These values that joined us together, our roots and constant goals, make MGRA a law firm focused in the new global challenges of the new global century.

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