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Decree-Law No. 149/2017, of December 6, approved the organization of the Centre for Legal Jurisdictions of the State

Decree-Law no. 150/2017, of December 6, establishes the special regime for the allocation of real estate from the state’s direct and indirect administration to the National Fund for the Rehabilitation of Buildings (FNRE)

Ordinance No. 366/2017, of December 7, approves the regulation granting the support to be granted under the Permanent Support Program for Housing Reconstruction, approved by Decree-Law no. 142/2017 of November 14

Decree-Law no. 151/2017 of 7 December, amends the Regulation of Legal Qualification for Realization, transposing Directive 2016/1106 / UE

Law 110/2017, of December 15, creates tax benefits for forest management entities, altering the Tax Benefits Statute and the Emoluments Registers and Notary Regulation

Ordinance No. 379/2017, of December 19, establishes the average value of the construction per square meter, for the purposes of article 39 of the Municipal Tax Code on Fixed Assets, one in force in the year 2018

Decree-Law no. 156/2017 of December 28, sets the minimum guaranteed monthly salary, as referred to in paragraph 1 of article 273 of the Labor Code, effective January 1, 2018

Regulatory Decree No. 11/2017 of December 28, establishes the maximum limits of impairment losses and other deductions for the purposes of calculating the taxable profit on corporate income tax, as well as the rules to be observed in determining them

Law no. 113/2017 of December 29, approves the Great Options of the Plan for 2018, which integrate the policy measures and the investments that allow them to materialize.

Law no. 114/2017 of December 29, approves the State Budget for the year 2018.


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