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Decree-Law no. 110/2018 of December 10: Approves the new Industrial Property Code, transposing Directives (EU) 2015/2436 and (EU) 2016/943.

Regulatory Decree no. 11/2018 of December 11: Regulates the extension of supplementary solidarity for the elderly to disability pensioners who don’t benefit from the social provision for inclusion.

Ordinance no. 317/2018 of December 11: Updates of the currency devaluation coefficients to be applied to assets and rights disposed during the year of 2018.

Ordinance no. 326/2018 of December 14: Determines that the value of the “health and food security rate plus” for the year 2019 is 7 (euro) per square meter of sales area of the commercial establishment.

Ordinance no. 328/2018 of December 19: Defines the system of certification of companies dedicated to receive nationals of third States who want to develop a highly qualified activity in Portugal.

Ordinance no. 328-A / 2018 of December 19: Amends and extends the system for modulating the value of toll rates in favor of Class 2, 3 and 4 vehicles for the transport of goods by road for hire or reward, established by Ordinance No. 41/2012 of February 10.

Ordinance no. 330-A / 2018 of December 20: Establishes the average building value per square meter, for the purposes of article 39 of the Municipal Property Tax Code, to be in force in 2019.

Decree-Law no. 115/2018 of December 21: Establishes the regime of special careers of record keeper and record officer, reviewing the current careers of conservator, notary, clerk and record clerk and notary.

Decree-Law no. 116/2018 of December 21: Amends the Regulation of the Pension Fund of Lawyers and Solicitors.

Law no. 68/2018 of December 26: Authorizes the Government to establish the sanctioning regime applicable to the exercise of commercial fishing.

Decree-Law no. 117/2018 of December 27: Fixes the minimum monthly salary guaranteed for 2019.

Decree-Law no. 118/2018 of December 27: Creates the extraordinary supplement for minimum pensions.

Decree-Law no. 119/2018 of December 27: Creates the new system of flexibility of the age of access to the old-age pension.

Decree-Law no. 120/2018 of December 27: Establishes uniform rules for verifying the situation of economic insufficiency to be considered in the recognition of the right to the allocation and maintenance of social assistance or subsidies subject to subject resources.

Regulatory Decree No. 12/2018 of December 27: Defines and regulates the extraordinary actualization of pensions in 2019.

Law no. 70/2018 of December 31: Approves the Major Planning Options for 2019, which integrates the policy measures and the investments that allow to achieve them.

Law no. 71/2018 of December 31: Approves the State budget for 2019.


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