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Decree-Law no. 126-A/2017, of October 6: Creates a new welfare contribution for inclusion purposes, and extends the solidarity supplement payment for the elderly for the beneficiaries of a retirement pension and promotes the necessary adjustments for other welfare payments.

Decree-Law no. 126-B/2017, of October 6: Implements a special scheme for the early access to the retirement pension for the beneficiaries of the general social security system and of the special scheme for the converging protection of beneficiaries with very long contributive periods.

Law no. 127/2017 of October 9:  Proceeds with a review of the legal framework on the taking-up and pursuit of the business of Insurance and on the setting up and functioning of pension funds and managing entities, proceeding with the transposition of Directives no. 2009/138/EC and 2014/51/EU.

Decree-Law no. 134/2017 of October 19:  Proceeds to amend safety rules and standards for passenger ships, as part of the transposition of Directive no. 2016/844/EU.

President’s Decree no. 91-B/2017 and no. 91-C/2017 of October 18:  Proceeds with the exoneration of the Portuguese Internal Affairs Minister Maria Constança Urbano de Sousa; nominates Eduardo Arménio do Nascimento Cabrita for the position.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 157-A/2017 of October 27: Proceeds with the approval of structural amendments on the fire prevention and firefighting scheme.

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