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Regulatory Decree No. 10/2018 of October 3: Creates the Authority for the Prevention and Fight against Violence in Sport.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 128/2018 of October 4: Authorizes the Tax and Customs Authority to incur expenses related to the acquisition of software licensing and maintenance.

Ordinance No. 275/2018 of October 4: Proceeds to the first amendment to Administrative Rule No. 344/2017, of November 13.

Rectification Statement No. 33/2018 of October 9: Reforms Administrative Rule No. 233/2018, of August 21, of Finance and Justice, which regulates the Legal Regime of the Central Register of Beneficial Owner (Legal Regime of RCBE), approved by Law No. 89/2017 of August 21, published in the Diário da República, 1st series, No. 160, of August 21, 2018.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 131/2018 of October 10: Approves the Plan for Acquisition of Rolling Stock for CP – Comboios de Portugal, E. P. E., and authorizes the respective distribution of charges.

Rectification Statement No. 35-A/2018 of October 12: Declaration of rectification to Law No. 51/2018 of August 16, “Altering the Local Finance Law, approved by Law No. 73/2013, from September 3, and the Code of Municipal Tax over Real Estate (CIMI), approved by Decree-Law No. 287/2003, of November 12 “.

Decree-Law No. 78/2018 of October 15: Alters the legal regime applicable to distance contracts and off-premises contracts, completing the transposition of the Directive 2015/2302.

Decree-Law No. 81/2018 of October 15: Creates the teams of judicial Magistrates whose mission is to recover pending cases in administrative and tax jurisdiction.

Decree-Law No. 82/2018 of October 16: Changes the regulations applicable to the public capitalization regime, intended to provide a supplementary pension or old-age pension.

Ordinance No. 278/2018 of October 16: Amendment to Ordinance No. 68/2018, of March 8 – INCM / Banco de Portugal.

Ordinance No. 279/2018 of October 16: Determines that the presentation of the documents referred in paragraphs a) and b) of  (3) of Article 10 of Decree- Law No. 322-A / 2001 of December 14 is exempt in proceedings and declarations for acts of nationality required or declared by foreign nationals of Venezuelan nationality and resident in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, whenever the economic situation is invoked by the interested parties.

Ordinance No. 282/2018 of October 19: Updates the lists of non-reporting financial institutions and excluded accounts.

Ordinance No. 283/2018 of October 19: Approves the Regulation of the Procedures for the Selection of Conflict Mediators authorized to provide mediation services in the Justices of the Peace, repeals paragraphs a) and b ) of  (1) of Article 1 of Administrative Rule No. 282/2010, of May 25, and Annexes I and II of the referred Ordinance and defines the service of the Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for supervising the activity of mediators exercising functions in a court of law, pursuant to number 6 of Article 33 of Law No. 78/2001, of July 13.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 137/2018 of October 22: Approves the draft of the investment tax contract to be signed by the Portuguese State with several private entities.

Law No. 64/2018 of October 29: Guarantees the exercise of preemptive rights by tenants (amends the Civil Code, approved by Decree-Law No. 47344 of November 25, 1966).

Decree-Law No. 86/2018 of October 29: Changes the Regulation of Procedural Costs.


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