LEGISLATION – September 2016

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Decree Nº 242/2016 of 6th September: Approves the models of the professional identification card and the free traffic of people of the Institute for Mobility and Land Transport, I. P., and revokes the Decree nº 1293/2008 of 10th November.


Decree nº 244/2016 of 7th September: Changes the Decree nº 214/2014 of 16th October which defines the granting conditions of the jurisdiction established on the nº 7 of the article 169 of the Road Traffic Code to Municipal Chamber


Decree nº 246/2016 of 7th September: Implements the acess to the IT support system to the court’s activity by the judicial directors and the Monitoring Committee of Court Assistants and the document of professional identification that certifies the quality of Judicial Director.


Decree-law nº60/2016 of 8th September: Establishes the specific rules applicable to the public service delivery of flexible passenger transportation and establishes the article 34 and the following articles of the legal framework of the Passengers Public Service Transport approved by the Law nº52/2015 of 9th June.


Decree-Law nº63-A/2016 of 23th September: Creates the legal framework of the regrouping shares for the companies that issue negotiable shares admitted to the regulated markets or in the multilateral trading facility, amending for the fifth time the Securities Market Code, approved by the Decree-law nº 486/99 of 13th November.


Decree nº 255/2016 of 27th September: Changes the Decree nº 223/2015 of 27th
July (which regulates the proceeding of payment of the State Contribution for retail selling price (PVP) of the received discharged medicines of the National Health Service (SNS).



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