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Ordinance no. 248/2018 of September 5: Proceed the first amendment to the Administrative Rule no. 130/2014, of June 25, which defines the regime for the production and trade of wines and other wine products of the geographical indication (IG) ‘Lisbon’.

Rectification Statement no. 31/2018 of September 7: Proceed the rectification of Decree-Law No. 56/2018, of July 9, on Finance, which amends the General Regime of Collective Investment Agencies, Legal Regime of Risk Capital Management, Social Entrepreneurship and Specialized Investment and the measures to stimulate the capital market.

Regulatory Decree No. 9/2018 of September 11: Changes the regulation of the legal regime of entry, stay, departure and deportation of foreigner nationals from the national territory.

Decree-Law no. 72/2018 of September 12: Creates a Portal to inform which entities provides goods and services to the Public Administration.

Ordinance no. 259/2018 of September 13: Provides access to information, in electronic support to identification of the entities provided for in Article 4 (1) (a), (b) and (e) of the National Registry of Legal Persons – Online certificate of legal person registration.

Ordinance no. 267/2018 of 20 September: Amends the electronic proceeds in Courts of Justice and Administrative and Tax Courts (Citius / SITAF).

Ordinance no. 269/2018 of September 26: Proceed the second amendment of Ordinance no. 246-A / 2016, of September 8, which establishes the conditions and procedures of the regime of partial refund of fuel taxes for freight companies, provided for in article 93-A of the Code of Special Consumer Taxes (CIEC), approved by Decree-Law no. 73/2010, of June 21.

Ordinance no. 490/2018 of September 28: Establishes the rules for the application of the incentive scheme for cinematographic and audio-visual production, within the framework of the Tourism and Cinema Support Fund, created by Decree-Law no. 45/2018 of 19 June.


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