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Law no. 46/2017 of July 5:  Establishes the principles and rules governing the cross-border exchange of information concerning vehicle registration, in an effort to prevent and investigate criminal offenses, adapting the system to the Rulings 2008/615/JAI and 2008/616/JAI, pertaining to the development of cross-border cooperation, especially on the subject of fight against terrorism and cross-border criminal activity.


Law no. 54/2017 of July 14:  Establishes a legal framework for the sports athlete contract, the sports trainee contract and the sports agent or middlemen contract (revokes Law no. 28/98, of June 26).


Law no. 55/2017 of July 17:  Widens the scope of the legal action for the recognition of the existence of a work contract and of the legal proceedings for the actions against the cover up of dependent work, proceeding to the second amendment to Law no. 107/2009, of September 14 (Legal Framework on the labor and social security administrative offenses), and to the fifth amendment to the Portuguese Labor Law Judicial Procedure Code, approved by Decree-Law no. 480/99, of November 9.


Organic Law no. 3/2017 of July 18: Proceeds to the sixth amendment to Law no. 15-A/98, of April 3 (Organic Law on the Legal Regime of the Referendum), allowing for the presentation of the proposition by electronic means.


Decree-Law no. 88/2017 of July 27:  Amends Decree-Law no. 307/2009, of October 23 (Legal Regime of the Urban Reabilitation Companies), with intent to establish a special framework for the urban reabilitation companies, integrated or to be integrated in the local business network, to take into account the relevant public interests carried on by said companies.


Decree-Law no. 89/2017 of July 28: Proceeds to transpose to portuguese law Directive no. 2014/95/UE of the European Parlament and European Council, of October 22, 2014, which amends Directive 2013/34/UE, concerning the disclosure of non-finantial information and information on the diversity by certain large companies and groups.



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