BRIEF – November 2016

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IV.1. Legal Doctrine

IV.1.1. Monographs and Periodic Publications

Isabel do Carmo, Manual do Advogado Estagiário – Volumes I and II, Portuguese Edition published on November 2016 – ISBN 9789727247578 and 9789727247585

Rui Medeiros, Direito Constitucional: Ensinar e investigar, Portuguese Edition, published on November 2016 – ISBN 9789725405321

Maria Elisabete Ferreira, Violência Parental e Intervenção do Estado – A questão à luz do Direito Português, published on November 2016 – ISBN 9789898835116

Filipe Lobo Silva, As Operações de Reestruturação Empresarial como Instrumento de Planeamento Fiscal, published on November 2016 – ISBN 9789724067650

Ricardo Pedro, Responsabilidade Civil do Estado pelo Mau Funcionamento da Administração da Justiça, published on November 2016 – ISBN 9789724066073

IV.1.2. Generic Guidelines & Co

Prior Binding Information in Case No. 10869, by order of the Service Director (by sub-delegation) on 2016-10-24.

Diploma: CIVA

Subject: Transfer of property – Rates – Provision of food products in cinema snack bars represents transfer of property.

Prior Binding Information in Case No. 10421, by order of the Service Director (by sub-delegation) on 2016-10-28.

Diploma: CIVA

Subject: Provision of maintenance and repair services in the field of aquaculture industry.

Official Circular No. 30184/2016 of 14th October.

Subject: VAT – Developed activities by thermal establishments.

IV.2. Miscellaneous

IV.2.1. Economy, Finance and Taxation             

The Council of Ministers approved a motion for resolution, to be submitted to the National Assembly, concerning the following Agreements and Conventions:

  • Convention between Portugal and Montenegro to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion in terms of income tax;
  • Protocol that amends the Convention between Portugal and France to avoid double taxation and to establish the reciprocal administrative assistance rules concerning income tax;
  • Additional Protocol for the Convention on Human Rights and the Biomedicine concerning Genetic Tests for purposes related with Health, through which one seeks to protect the dignity, identity and integrity of all Human Beings, with no exceptions, concerning the genetic testing for therapeutical purposes.
  • Cooperation Agreement in the realm of mutual defence between the Portuguese Republic and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Approved the draft law on the Scheduling of infrastructures and equipment for the Security Forces and Services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Council of Ministers also approved a law which proceed with the extension of the public policies of universal and free access to the Official Gazette. Thus, everyone may access its content without the subscribing for the paid service.

Approved regulation that guarantees the access of all women to the Medically Assisted National Procreation, amending the MANP techniques’ law, and still conducting to the approval of a Resolution in order to permit the Côa Park – Safeguard and Valorisation Foundation of Côa.

Afterwards, the Council also approved a Decree-Law that transposes to the internal legal system an European directive that establishes the rules for the production, control, certification and commercialisation of cereal seed (Commission Implementing Directives No. 2015/1955, 2016/317 and 2016/1168).

Finally, the Council of Ministers approved the professional qualification scheme of the public-sector workers.

At last, approved a draft law of the new Disciplinary Regulations of Public Security Police Force (PSP), harmonised with the new Regulations for workers of the PSP with police duties as well as other recent legislative amendments performed by Law of Labour on the Public Sector and the new Administrative Procedure Code.


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