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IV.1.1 Monographs and Periodic Publications

Paulo Câmara Pires dos Santos Martins, O Novo Direito dos Valores Mobiliários. Congresso Sobre Valores Mobiliários dos Mercados Financeiros, Almedina, 2017;

Maria João da Silva Baila Madeira Antunes, Penas e Medidas de Segurança, Almedina, 2017;


IV.1.2. General Guidelines & Cia

Circular Letter 30196, dated of the Tax Management Area – VAT

Subject: VAT – Hotel activity

Circular Letter 201/2017-XXII-A, dated 22.12.2017 of the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs

Subject: Extension of the deadline for compliance with the obligation set forth in article 121-A (3) of the IRC Code


IV.2. Miscellaneous

IV.2.1. Economy, Finance and Taxation

The Ministry of Agriculture claimed that the Government will pay over forty million Euros until the end of the year to twenty thousand farmers that suffered damages until five thousand euros during the October wildfires.

The minimum wage for Portuguese employment agreements for the year of 2018 will be EUR 580.



The Japan Patent Office joined at the 4th of December the DesignView database.




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