Tiago Rodriguese-legal

IV.1. Doctrine
IV.1.1. Monographs and Periodic Publications
Catarina Monteiro Pires, Aquisição de Empresas e de Participações Acionistas – Problemas e litígios, Almedina, September.
Rossana Martingo Cruz, A mediação familiar como meio complementar de justiça, Almedina, September.

IV.1.2. Generic Guidelines & Cia
Binding Information in the process 2018001162 – IVE n.º 14231, with Order of the Deputy Genral Director General of the Tax Management Area – Wealth
Subject: Acquisition of a quota in a limited company, holder of real estate.

IV.2. Miscellaneous
IV.2.1. Economy, Finance and Taxation
The Council of Ministers approved a decree-law to transpose into the domestic legal order the European Directive on the payment services in the internal market (Directive 2015/2366), in order to create a European payment market, allowing access to third-party banking information in real time, with the consent of the respective holder.

The same Council of Ministers also approved the decree-Law to ammend the legal regime applicable to distance contracts and off-premises contracts, which completes the transposition of Directive 2015/2302, on package travel and related travel services, improving the protection of consumers about the procurement of package holidays.



Resumed the publication of the Industrial Property Newsletter: The publication of the Industrial Property Newsletter was resumed.

EUIPO – Study on Legislative Measures Related to IPR Online Offenses. A relevant study seeks to determine the increasing number of IPR infringements online and what measures are taken by the EU.


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