BRIEF – MARCH 2017 –

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IV.1. Doctrine

IV.1.1. Monographs and Periodic Publications

Gabriel Ambrósio Umabano, “A tributação do investimento estrangeiro na Guiné-Bissau”, Almedina, 2017.

Ana Clara Azevedo de Amorim  “A Tutela da Lealdade nas Relações de Mercado – A propósito do ilícito publicitário”, Almedina, 2017.

IV.1.2. Generic Guidelines & Cia

Circulated Letter No. 15775/2017 of March 17, of Direction of Customs Regulation Services.

Subject: Instructions for the application of Regulation (EU) No 649/2012 of 4 July concerning the export and import of dangerous chemicals.

Circulated Letter No. n.º 15572/2017 of March 13, of Direction of Customs Regulation Services, Customs Regimes Division.

Subject: Validation of ATA carnets issued in Portugal

IV.2. Miscellaneous

IV.2.1. Economy, Finance and Taxation

The Council of Ministers approved a mechanism to measure the impact of the legislative initiatives approved by the Government on people’s lives and on the corporates activities.

It was approved a resolution which approves a Strategy TIC 2020 and the respective action plan, as well as the sectorial plans, purposed by the Council of the Technologies of Information and Communication on the Public Administration.

The Council of Ministers approved a draft law that establishes the framework of the issuance, transmission and recognition and execution of the European decision of investigation, towards the acquisition of evidence in criminal proceeding.

It was decided to create the National Unit of Management of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021, aiming to assure the accomplishment of the responsibilities defined in the respective Regulation and Memorandum of Understanding.

The Council of Ministers approved the participation of Portugal in the process of the Share Capital Increase of the International Bank for the Reconstruction and Development, of the International Bank Group.

The Council of Ministers approved the Decree-Law of the new Statute of the National Republican Guard Militaries in a reformulated version.

It was approved a draft law that establishes a Single Point of Contact for the International Police Cooperation.

It was approved a project of draft law which regulates the judicial photographic identification for prevention and criminal investigation.



EUIPO publishes a new study about the use of industrial property by the european citizens

2017 Work Programme: EUIPO’s priorities for 2017

Monitoring System PLUS – SIMPLEX+2016


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