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IV.1. Doctrine
IV.1.1 Monographs and Periodic Publications
Carla Amado Gomes, Temas e problemas da justiça administrativa, AAFDL, 2018;
Augusto Pedro Falcão Lopes Cardoso, Partilhas Litigiosas – Volume I, Almedina, 2018;
Maria Elisabete Gomes Ramos, Direito Comercial e das Sociedades entre as Empresas e o Mercado, Almedina, 2018;
José Luís Bonifácio Ramos, Manual de Direitos Reais, AAFDL, 2018.

IV.1.2. Generic Guidelines & Cia
Order from the Deputy Director-General from IR of December 27, Case no. 5717/2015
Subject: Taxation of crypto-coins or virtual coins.

Circular Letter no. 30198 of January 12 of Deputy Director-General from the Area Management Area – VAT
Subject: E-taxfree Portugal, Ordinance no. 12/2018 of January 10. Extension of the time limit in Article 9 (1)of Decree-Law no. 19/2017 of February 14. Exemption threshold applicable during that period.


IV.2. Miscellaneous
IV.2.1. Economy, Finance and Taxation
The Government approved a proposed law amending the rules on the marketing of financial products and the organisation of financial intermediaries, which aims to increase investor confidence in the national financial market.

The Prime Minister signed the order that determines the Finance Minister to pay the first compensations to relatives, heirs and other holders of the right for the deaths of the victims of the fires.

Portugal paid in advance another tranche of the loan to International Monetary Fund (FMI), equivalent to EUR 831 million, which expired between May and June 2021.

The Portuguese National Institute of Statistic (INE) revised to 8.4% the unemployment rate, the lowest since February 2005.


The Indian Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks’ – CGPDTM joined at the 19th of January the DesignView database.

In December 2017, the European Commission presented to the European Council a proposal for the opening of negotiations for the European Union’s accession to the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement, a treaty administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) for the protection of Designations of Origin and Geographical Indications.

The European Commission presents measures to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights as an incentive for SMEs and start-ups to invest in innovation and creativity.



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